How Point of Sale solution is helping retailers amid COVID-19?

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How Point of Sale solution is helping retailers amid COVID-19?

INDIA moves from the Lockdown phase to unlock. From the Retail to the Hospitality, from Cinema to Restaurants and Cafes are starting to get back into the business. The most important factor in these times is the people and their trust in the store, hotel, restaurant, cinema, etc. Also, businesses should give people back their trust. But COVID-19 the outbreak has affected all the companies including hard-working owners, distributors, producers, delivery drivers, workers, and all sorts of retailers and we cannot ignore the fact that we are dealing with serious issues for these businesses.

Small businesses and retailers are failing with the current operating system and need a robust solution like Point Of Sale (POS). It helps to ring up transactions, measure inventory, and accept payments. The best POS systems can track data from transactions, maintain inventory, produce reports, and store contact data from customers.

POS system at your retail store brings out the quickest orders, keeps track of inventory, and helps your business grow and depend on technology.

1. Inventory Management

Inventory tracking and management can totally be left on the POS system as there need not be someone checking the stock every now and then. Stock control features for Supermarkets and small stores becomes a big game-changer with time reduction and also stock synchronization happening on a real-time basis. This makes it easier for you to track product moves, so you can make better buying and selling decisions.

2. Speeding up payments and Greater Efficiency

Using a POS system to create a more productive checkout process would let customers know that they can get through the lines quickly. That can mean the difference between your customer choice and the competition.

Now you don’t need to appoint a special person to remember the entire SKU’s with their SKU code. POS systems will automatically store the data of all your SKU’s and by scanning the product’s Barcode you will get all the data and it will be a seamless billing solution.

3. Real-time data & forecasting

POS system allows you to gain insight into how well your store is doing. Knowing how much money you made last week is great but you need to know more to build long-term success. How much have you spent the past month? Why was this particularly more effective last week than the previous one? Which things are moving fast? Which isn’t selling?

A POS system monitors your company, and it comes with performance reports that allow you to see the big picture in a simple, digestible form.

4. Powerful Reports

The data that you have at your fingertips is part of running a successful retail business. Getting the right insights — especially when it comes to pricing, product movement, and consumer behavior — can lead to better decisions that will have a positive effect on your end result.

That’s why choosing a POS system is crucial, which can produce the reports you need. Look for a system that can have the reports running like inventory on hand, sales records, stock summaries, and customer behavior.

5. Cost-saving benefits

A small investment in a new POS system could go a long way to overburdening your productivity. Every year, no matter how much revenue the company gets, 10-20% savings will have a huge effect on the end result. Can you afford not to switch to a new POS site with so much money involved?

6. Easy of use

Every firm is unique and has its particular needs. The POS systems can easily be tailored to suit individual business needs. A method of POS can vary significantly from a food outlet to an apparel store. With this in mind, POS systems can be calibrated to small business-specific needs so that special reports can be produced for best-selling goods. Training your staff with a Touch screen POS display will help them learn faster.

Advanced POS systems will save you time, help you better engage shoppers, and enable you to make smarter choices. All that leads to higher efficiency levels, happier customers, and overall a healthier business.

7. Customer Management

Many full POS systems do have the capabilities of customer management that allow you to store shopper’s information and create customer profiles. Many sites also provide loyalty tools so the top patrons can be compensated.

Both of these features contribute to higher rates of commitment, repeat transactions, and loyalty — both invaluable to retailers!

These amazing features will keep you in the know and will help you a lot in operating your store operations.

At RAISER POS, we believe that POS systems are a better investment in the long term owing to low AMC, durability, etc. It is optimal for business use, where systems are generally used by many cashiers & where downtime is crucial. All the above mentioned are provided by RAISER’s POS system.

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