Vishal Mega Mart


Vishal Mega Mart Case Study


Vishal is sharply focused at the needs of consumers in Apparel, General Merchandise, Grocery and Personal Care in Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and towns and is dedicated to offer the best value and choice to its millions of customers.

Vishal Mega Mart, is one amongst the best case studies where RAISER POS, has been instrumental in availing the brand and company, with a high end solution, to cater their business needs which demanded efficiency with ease of operations, which Team RAISER delivered and today, Vishal Mega Mart fully recommends RAISER POS hardware for all their stores and its operations.


Our solution

Distributed POS setup, not matching modern day standards
Customized solution to cater customer satisfaction and Counter space, installed with proper mounts to manage space by UPOS211X.
Space management on counters (occupied with installed billing hardware)
Efficient support, spread across the country 5 years warranty on site extended by Raiser


Vishal Mega Mart has enjoyed considerable success in possibly the most competitive market.

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